Genuine Papercut

Paper Cut Columbus BrickGenuine Papercut

Using an age old process, most of Columbus Brick's production has been devoted to Genuine Papercut brick.  By using paper in the cutting process, a pleasing texture and appearance comparable to hand-molded or "old brick" is obtained at a much more economical price.  An occasional wedge shape, rounded end and soft edge is characteristic of Genuine Papercut, adding to the unique appearance associated with our brick.  Columbus Brick is proud to be one of the few manufacturers who offer this process.

The term “papercut” is derived simply from the process used to manufacture this type of brick.  It is a specific and unique approach to the manufacturing of clay brick that provides an old world look that is desired in modern design.  During the manufacturing process recycled paper is rolled onto the extruded column of clay.  The column of clay is then cut into individual brick units by using wires.  The paper provides enough resistance on the edge of the brick to create the desired degree of distortion with slightly rounded edges.  The result for the homeowner or architect is a signature masonry look unlike any other.

traditional brickTraditional Brick

Genuine Papercut Brick










Paper being applied to brick column

Metal wires cutting paper